What is Artificial Intelligence? How it impacts on Software industry?

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the computer system performing tasks normally as like human intelligence some of the activities are Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, decision making and Problem-solving

How it impacts on IT industry?

AI is already beginning to impact on all aspects of Human life, from the Software development to Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation, Finance, Customer service etc. In recent Years, AI mainly impacts on software development in two ways.

i) AI helping Developers and Testers to produce better software functionality
ii)AI replaces Human and takes away their jobs

1) The first impact of AI on IT industry is due to  improved tools that help developer's code to reduce and improves the software quality which is more responsive to users. On the other hand Software, Testers use Al Testing Tools to find software bugs and then fixed code automatically.
2) Routine tasks are easily completed through complicated automation that will increase productivity and scale. This will help developers to be far from boring and repetitive tasks.
3) Using AI one can make decisions fast and carry out quick actions
4) Overcome Human errors with the help of Artificial intelligence, data could be processed error free no matter how bigger the data might be.

Will artificial intelligence lead to massive unemployment?

It results in the effect of jobs because of usage of Artificial intelligence and Automation tools reduces IT jobs. Machines would take over Human Jobs. In client serving or customer, relationship management business needs investment in a lot of money and time. AI facilitated automated system will be improving client service by responding quickly to the emails, phone calls, social media chats, etc. It helps the process more efficient thereby it increases client satisfaction, saves time and money.
Off course, AI takes over jobs but it replaces new jobs. For the complete success of Al technologies, there would be a demand an outsized range of developers specialized within the varied subjects of AI. This would, in turn, lead to the recruitment of the large number of software engineers and researchers to solve and implement automated industry.